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How to use car daily, details on maintenance of automotive interior

How to use car daily, details on maintenance of automotive interior

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Usually, the car interior will be more or less stained by oil, dust, sediment and other adverse factors such as smoking or passengers’ reasons.

Usually, the car interior will be more or less stained by oil, dust, sediment and other adverse factors such as smoking or passengers’ reasons. Can you still have a pleasant driving mood when seeing the klunky and dirty interior? Therefore, car interior cleaning and care is very important. Here will talk about how to maintain car interior.
Maintenance on sealing strips:


Sealing can be seen everywhere on the door, window and sunroof. And these unimpressive sealing rings the owners are often easy to ignore in the maintenance of the car. As is known to all, the sealing ring of the car is because it has the character of the gum to play the role of sealing. If the sealing ring for a long time, it is easy to aging, cracking, sealing performance may be greatly reduced, not only the image of the noise effect of the car's environment, but also a serious leakage, seepage and other phenomena.


Automotive beauty experts pointed out that to do a good job in the maintenance of the sealing ring, the owners should start from the daily trivial. The first step is to do a good job in the sealing ring of the cleaning, the owner can be every one or two quarters of the sealing ring for a cleaning. Specific first with a clean wet sponge rails, groove on the dust, reoccupy dry sponge to wipe more than once, the sealing ring to keep clean. These operations are quite simple, basically do not have to go to a special car wash shop can be carried out. In a car wash, if the use of high-pressure water gun, remember not to water directly at the sealing ring spray, otherwise easy to make the sealing ring under high pressure water jet impact deformation, for a long time will affect the ring sealing performance, the car is also more easily into the water. In addition, the owner must pay attention to the location of the car park. When the face of outdoor takes a long time docked, the vehicle should avoid direct exposure in the sun, you can, the best coverage on some special purpose vehicle reflective sewing, to prevent the door and window on the edge of the sealing ring for heat deformed and cracks. If you really can not avoid, also do not by direct water splashing method of physical cooling, a larger temperature difference tend to change the internal structure of the sealing, resulting in deformation and cracking. In addition, the regular use of rubber maintenance agent on the car's sealing strip for maintenance, but also to keep the sealing tape for a long time to maintain flexibility.


Seat maintenance:


Control panel is most easy to accumulate dust, and there is a lot of dead ends, the owners themselves cleaning brush can be, every day on the instrument panel, air conditioning air inlet, switches, buttons, etc. to wipe to prevent dust accumulation and difficult to remove. If the instrument control panel is relatively dirty, use a special instrument to spray the cleaning agent, and use a clean soft cloth to wipe clean. After cleaning, you can spray a layer of wax on the surface.


Vehicle roof maintenance:


Car after long-term use. The roof is often in inconspicuous places accumulated a lot of dust, these places often daily cleaning care not to. Cleaning method of roof is usually first with high-power cleaner and brush to a large area of clean, and then use neutral detergent emphatically clean dirt from local, then comprehensive clean.


Clean mat:


The car is the most vulnerable to the foot pad, it is directly contact with the soles, rainy weather, the rain will not absorb the rain. If you put it, it is easy to mold. Taking advantage of the current weather and humidity is low, have to seize the time to clean it thoroughly. We can do it yourself the foot pad folded out of the car, to avoid the dirt on the car. It will surface dust with a duster, in the flush before brush again, the dust removing deep gap. If you can often do, can effectively inhibit the generation of odor. Then the whole foot pad water soaked, the detergent fell to the mat, be careful not to pour too much. If with long hair and is made of pure wool and other advanced materials of the foot pad, it is recommended special wool wash liquid detergent, the cleaning agents will not hurt fiber, and after cleaning foot pad will also appear canopy is loose and soft. When detergent is riddled with floor mats, to carefully brush brush, especially the driver's seat with foot pad is hard brush. Wash with water after the foam rinse, pay attention to the words can also use some softener or is a leavening agent, which can Ottomans of softer and more comfortable. In the dry process, if it is wool mat, to try to make up and then put the wool mat sideways, dry. In this way, the speed of the moisture is relatively fast, dry after the mat looks more beautiful.


Console cleaning:


Console around the clean as long as the use of water and has been a screw dry cloth to wipe, and then wipe with a dry cloth. But like air conditioning out of the air outlet, the sound of the nearby, the soot cylinder or cup holder, etc., are easy to dirt on the hands of the hands, as long as the use of a few drops of water to clean the medium, the dirt will disappear. Like the front stop this is difficult to thoroughly wipe clean place, using a small stick or chopsticks wrapped in cloth, wipe it is easy, it will not hurt the car.


In addition, many owners like often with cleaning agent, Polish wipe interior parts, is one of the leading to premature interior channels. The poor cleaning agent contains a lot of alkaline or alcohol, although the effect is obvious, but the long-term use of car aging is inevitable. It is recommended to use natural aromatherapy as incense, or completely without the use of. If you do it yourself clean the car, you can use a bath soap or hand wash DIY cleaning agent, and the use should be thoroughly washed do not remain.

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